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Posted by Johan Janse van Rensburg on

- Sick and tired of being sick and tired of the monotony of your life? 
- Do you remember what truly sets your soul on fire and make you feel alive?
- Do you feel like you have an adventurous side to you that wants to break free and explore the world?
- Do you have a driving desire to break away from the norm and experience life, new places and meet amazing people?
- Can you really say "I Lived"?

Galavant Adventures was born as a result of these questions. Our main goal is to inspire and help each other pursue our passions and realize our Bucket List dreams and goals because life is too short to wait for next week, next month or next year that never comes. 

Galavant Adventure Tribe is all about getting out there, pursue your passions, those things that set your soul on fire and most of all, to live a full life! It’s a lifestyle choice, a state of mind and a way of life. 

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